Difrax moves with the times

When Vivienne took over Difrax, she wasn’t very au fait with the baby industry, which raised many questions in her mind. Why are all pacifiers based on the same design? Why are all baby products so unimaginative and unfashionable? Is this really what parents want for their babies? In her quest for answers Vivienne and Difrax gradually developed from retailer to creator of innovative baby stuff. Vivienne: “We move with the times and develop products on all fronts. We consider design, colour, fashion, technology and innovation, never settling for anything less than the highest standards of quality and safety. Consequently, our baby stuff is always just that bit more special.”

Dedicated to babies and their parents
All that Difrax undertakes stems from our passionate dedication to babies and parents. Our aim is to create innovative products that actually add value to the lives of parents and their babies, whilst being appealing and fashionable.
Our products are developed by our own in-house designers, always thinking in terms of solutions to problems. Every product we design is functional and well thought-out.

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