Giftset Press Release + Images

Looking for a baby shower gift?

Market leader Difrax presents the most popular baby products in 1 luxury gift set.

Fun to give and a pleasure to receive
75% of all parents say they have received the occasional baby shower gift they didn’t like. To ensure your gift finds favour, market leader Difrax presents the baby products found to be the most popular in the Netherlands together in 1 package. Success guaranteed.

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GL127-GL123-GL804-GL802 night

Hush-a-bye baby…

Difrax is expanding its existing range of pacifiers with a Glow in the Dark version.
By the end of January 2015, the current range of over 40 trendy designs will be expanded with the addition of a Glow in the Dark pacifier. The Glow in the Dark soother absorbs light. It will be easier to find the familiar Difrax pacifier in the dark.

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