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Hush-a-bye baby…

Difrax is expanding its existing range of pacifiers with a Glow in the Dark version.
By the end of January 2015, the current range of over 40 trendy designs will be expanded with the addition of a Glow in the Dark pacifier. The Glow in the Dark soother absorbs light. It will be easier to find the familiar Difrax pacifier in the dark.

Especially for the night
Does this sound familiar? You have only just returned to your warm bed, maybe after a night-time feed, when you need to get up again. There you are, in the dark on your knees, looking for the pacifier under the cot. This is why Difrax has added the Glow in the Dark pacifier to its range. Decorated with pictures of cheerful sheep and in soft night-time hues, this pacifier is perfect for bed time. Because the pacifier lights up in the dark, it is easy to find if your little one loses it in the middle of the night. The Glow in the Dark soother from Difrax ensures that you and your baby will soon be able to go back to sleep.

Familiar pacifier in a new design
The Glow in the Dark pacifier has the butterfly shield that is typical of the Difrax pacifiers. The butterfly shape creates a natural recess, leaving your baby’s nose free. This automatically helps your baby learn to breathe properly through its nose. The openings on either side of the shield enable air to flow between the shield and your baby’s delicate skin, preventing irritation. The part that is sucked resembles the shape of a nipple, which means the pacifier is more readily accepted. Glow in the Dark pacifiers are available in four different sizes, to match your baby’s need to suck and to suit the shape of its face from birth. Therefore, you need have no qualms about letting your baby suck on a Difrax pacifier to its heart’s content. The soother provides comfort and helps babies fall asleep.

Safety tips for pacifier use
All pacifiers sold in the Netherlands must comply with European legislation and must conform to the EN 1400 standard. Difrax submits every new delivery of pacifiers to tests to ensure that they are of a suitably high quality. The battery of checks includes a tensile assessment. The tensile strength of different soothers varies. A filled pacifier is stronger than an unfilled pacifier. Difrax pacifiers without a filling can withstand a tensile strength of 184 Newton for six to twelve months. This is more than twice the European standard – a sure sign of safety!

However, safety also depends on how the pacifier is used. Accordingly, at Difrax we recommend that you replace your baby’s pacifier every six weeks to avoid wear and tear. It is also important that you check the pacifier on every occasion for weak spots, tears or bites. This can be done by pulling firmly on the nozzle. Replace it immediately if you spot any sign of damage.

A pacifier is designed to be sucked. Children who bite on pacifiers are better off with a teething ring.

The collection
The Glow in the Dark pacifier will be available from specialist baby stores, chemists, supermarkets and from the end of January 2015 onwards, at prices starting from €4.49.

GL127-GL123-GL804-GL802 night

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